Make My Persona
17 Ağu 2018 - Product
Create professional, customizable buyer personas in minutes with the help of our intuitive free generator.
Design Resources
09 Ağu 2018 - Design
Dennis Yurichev: 9-Jul-2015: How RSA works.
05 Ağu 2018 - Tech
Experimento: A practical product management framework
27 Tem 2018 - Startup
Some time ago, I decided to compile the most important lessons I'd learned about product management into one comprehensive framework. After years of tweaks and validation, this is the result.
Digital Psychology
26 Tem 2018 - Web
A free library of psychological principles and examples to elevate your SaaS, e-commerce or other digital products.
Product Comparisons
24 Tem 2018 - Product
Siftery Product Comparisons lets you compare any two software products based on Customer Sentiment/Reviews, Customer Growth, Adoption by Company Size/Industry/Geography, Integrations, and Pricing. Pages are being enriched with new data every day.
GitHub - thedaviddias/Front-End-Performance-Checklist: 🎮The only Front-End Performance Checklist that runs faster than the others
23 Tem 2018 - Web
🎮The only Front-End Performance Checklist that runs faster than the others
WebScore AI
16 Tem 2018 - Web
We have trained a neural network to see a website with the eyes of a webmaster and a typical visitor
Flash - A Speed Reading App
10 Tem 2018 - Product
Flash is a web app that allows you to speed read lots of text by rapidly flashing words one by one.
10 Small Design Mistakes We Still Make – UX Planet
06 Tem 2018 - Design
The saying that “good design is obvious” is pretty damn old, and I am sure it took different shapes in the previous centuries. It referred to good food, music, architecture, clothes, philosophy and…
Designing for accessibility is not that hard – UX Collective
01 Tem 2018 - Design
Digital accessibility refers to the practice of building digital content and applications that can be used by a wide range of people, including individuals who have visual, motor, auditory, speech…
mnmllist – listing all things minimal
29 Haz 2018 - Weird
A curated list of all things related to minimalism, from product design to books to art installations
Algorithm Archive · GitBook
29 Haz 2018 - Tech
Recent Stories - AI Central
24 Haz 2018 - Tech - Books Every Designer Should Read
23 Haz 2018 - Design
Some of industry's best designers answer the question 'What book should designers read and why?'
The Layouts of Tomorrow | Max Böck - Frontend Web Developer
21 Haz 2018 - Design
I went over to dribbble in search of fresh webdesign ideas - how hard is it to build a non-standard layout, given the modern CSS tools we have today? An experiment on CodePen.
Your Phone Is Listening and it's Not Paranoia - VICE
15 Haz 2018 - Tech
Here's how I got to bottom of the ads-coinciding-with-conversations mystery.
American tech giants are making life tough for startups - Into the danger zone
12 Haz 2018 - Business
IT IS a classic startup story, but with a twist. Three 20-somethings launched a firm out of a dorm room at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016, with the goal of using algorithms to predict the reply to an e-mail.
12 Haz 2018 - Startup
Find out if your latest idea solves a pain point by receiving instant votes & feedback from a community of entrepreneurs
Infinity Dashboard for Mac - FIPLAB
11 Haz 2018 - Product
Infinity Dashboard allows you to track anything through its beautifully organized interface. With over 35 built-in modules, you can monitor things ranging from current weather, travel times, website stats, stock prices, birthdays and much more. You can even write your own custom modules to track almost anything you want.