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Nginx Split Test A/B – Tim Leland
11 Mar 2018 - Web
Have you ever wanted to split test multiple pages on your website? You could use a WordPress plugin called Simple Page Tester but you are limited to testing two urls at a time. After some searching…
How I use Twitter · Felix Krause
08 Mar 2018 - Web
I finally made sense of front end build tools. You can, too.
08 Mar 2018 - Web
Front end build tools can be confusing even to experienced developers like me. The solution is to understand how they work — and work together — on a conceptual level. This article presents my…
GitHub - lionheart/django-pwnedpasswords-validator: Django validator that checks if passwords exist in known data breaches.
24 Şub 2018 - Web
django-pwnedpasswords-validator - Django validator that checks if passwords exist in known data breaches.
Let's talk about usernames
11 Şub 2018 - Web
Online retail and dark UX patterns: One year on... - News - Sigma
07 Şub 2018 - Web
We revisit our research into dark UX patterns and consider the debate between business and user goals one year on.
Hreftools.com - Online Web Tools
07 Şub 2018 - Web
Online web tools to get your work done faster. It featured tools for SEO, web developer tools, email marketing and much more.
Lightning Fast Filtering in JavaScript | Chris Smith
07 Şub 2018 - Web
I thought I'd share a technique for filtering large sets of data quickly in a web page. The scenario is a biggish set of data, 100,000 records, with each record having 3 properties, and we want to filter them using text matching. Here is the finished article with dummy generated data. Give it a try. Just type any 3 or
Classification of Development Frameworks for Enterprise Applications | CUBA.platform
05 Şub 2018 - Web
If you google "best java framework", most probably, you will stumble on this article, which gives a great overview about the landscape in the Java Enterprise world. However, from my point of view it l
Better Code Hub
01 Şub 2018 - Web
29 Oca 2018 - Web
Accessibility Testing Tools | CSS-Tricks
17 Ara 2017 - Web
There is a sentiment that accessibility isn't a checklist, meaning that if you're really trying to make a site accessible, you don't just get to check some