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Find your next tech conference | JavaScript, UX, Ruby
20 Mar 2018 - Teknoloji
Find the next tech conferences you want to go to: JavaScript, UX / Design, Ruby
Robot ANYmal Dancing to Live Music - YouTube
13 Mar 2018 - Teknoloji
ANYmal carries an onboard microphone with which music can be perceived. The beat of the music is analyzed and a suitable sequence of dance motions is choreog...
DNS Performance - Compare the speed and uptime of enterprise and commercial DNS services | DNSPerf
11 Mar 2018 - Teknoloji
Compare the speed and uptime of enterprise and commercial DNS services
GitHub - vasilepeste/Typefont: The first open-source library that detects the font of a text in a image.
05 Mar 2018 - Teknoloji
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 79 million projects.
Book: Math and Computation | Avi Wigderson
28 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
How I generated inspirational quotes with less than 20 lines of python code
25 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
All the quotes above have been generated by a computer, using a program that consists of less than 20 lines of python code. When it comes to natural language generation, people normally think of…
How I sold an old Mac and unknowingly had access to its location for over 3 years
24 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
So this crazy thing happened recently with an old Mac I sold on Craigslist a few years ago. I noticed it was still showing up in my Find My iPhone app. Well, at first I didn’t realize it was that…
Awesome Python
22 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries and software
Magic Leap the NBA and Turner to Bring NBA Games to Fans Like Never Before | Magic Leap
17 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
10 tips for making the Django Admin more secure | Opensource.com
13 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
Don't take chances with app security. Here's how to protect your users.
Pretty Awesome Lists
11 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
Pretty Awesome Lists crawls available awesome lists (e.g. programming, work, games, etc.), collects interesting information about each link, takes a screenshot and then makes them pretty for you to explore.
Upwork Skills Index: Fastest-Growing Freelance Skills In Q4 2017
10 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
Bitcoin secures No. 1 spot on newest skills index as cryptocurrency craze continues More than half (55%) of the top 20 fastest-growing skills are new to the list MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – February 7, 2018 – Upwork, the largest global freelancing website, today released its newest quarterly index of the hottest skills in the U.S. …
7 on-the-rise technology trends to track and learn - O'Reilly Media
10 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
AI, Python, Java, blockchain, and cloud technologies are active topics on O’Reilly’s online learning platform.
Addicted to your Smartphone? This Formula is Why | WIRED
04 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
Ten years ago, a Stanford lab created the formula to make technology addictive. Now, Silicon Valley is dealing with the consequences.
Tailor Brands | Design a Logo & Create Your Brand
23 Oca 2018 - Teknoloji
Create a logo and develop a unique brand identity in 5 minutes. Our logo maker and branding tools will get your brand noticed and help grow your business.
Facebook open sources Detectron – Facebook Research
23 Oca 2018 - Teknoloji
Today, Facebook AI Research (FAIR) open sourced Detectron — our state-of-the-art platform for object detection research. The Detectron project was started in July 2016 with the goal of creating a fast and flexible object detection system built on Caffe2, which was then in early alpha development. Over the last year and a half, the codebase…
İnternet bağımlılığını azaltmak için gerçekçi öneriler - Dünya Halleri
20 Oca 2018 - Teknoloji
Teknoloji yazarı Claire Downs, internet bağımlılığını azaltmak için gerçekçi çözümler sunuyor. Örneğin dışarı çıkarken telefonu evde bırakmak veya uygulamaları silmek...
18 Oca 2018 - Teknoloji
List.community is an easy way to browse curated lists on GitHub.
SQL Injection Wiki
16 Oca 2018 - Teknoloji
This wiki's mission is to be a one stop resource for fully identifying, exploiting, and escalating SQL injection vulnerabilities across various Database Management Systems
15 Oca 2018 - Teknoloji
We collect website references around the world organized by industry and country.