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The 105 Best Tools to Start Your Business in 2018 – The Mission – Medium
09 Mar 2018 - Girişim
The focus here is on free and cheap tools that give you lots of bang for your buck. I also gave extra points to ones that are easy to setup and start using immediately. But before you chose the right…
Why startups are dying left and right – The Startup – Medium
17 Şub 2018 - Girişim
That’s how long it took before the creators of Angry Birds launched their successful game from the verge of bankruptcy in 2009. That’s how many tries it took Tim Ferriss to find someone willing to…
Lawsuits in a young startup? - Indie Hackers Forum
15 Şub 2018 - Girişim
What are some common and avoidable lawsuits likely to befall a young startup?
StartupSift 🚀
06 Şub 2018 - Girişim
We combine startup funding, employee, location data without some unicorn dust to create growth scores and rank companies as ideal places for you to work.
İsveç’ten çok sayıda başarılı girişim çıkmasının sırrı ne? - Dünya Halleri
05 Şub 2018 - Girişim
World Economic Forum yazarlarından John McKenna, İsveç'ten çok sayıda başarılı girişim çıkmasının sebeplerini sıraladı.
Hook modeli: 4 adımda kullanıcı bağlılığını arttırın
21 Oca 2018 - Girişim
Sürdürülebilir büyümenin sırrı nedir diye soracak olursanız bulacağınız en yaygın ve doğru cevap retention (kullanıcı bağlılığı diyelim bundan sonra) olacaktır. Şu infografik, bu konuda ikna edici…
FundingPath - Funding and valuation data of private tech companies
20 Oca 2018 - Girişim
FundingPath is a database of private tech companies that tracks and visualizes their funding history and valuations since they were founded. Find out how Airbnb, Dropbox, Uber, Pinterest, Evernote, Slack and many more were valued by private investors.
StartupMate - The complete collection of resources for your Startup
19 Oca 2018 - Girişim
The complete collection of resources for your Startup
Contracts: Contracts for self embetterment
16 Oca 2018 - Girişim
Contracts for self embetterment
How I Shipped Six Side Projects in 2017 – Hacker Noon
16 Oca 2018 - Girişim
Last year I set a goal to learn something new each month and ended out launching six new projects which I’ll recap along with what I learned below. Looking back, it seems a little crazy to me that I…
How to build a startup — without quitting your day job
15 Oca 2018 - Girişim
1905. Albert Einstein worked six days a week full-time in an office, examining patent applications. He dedicated all his remaining hours to studying and experimenting with physics. One day, the…
hooks:data – Real World Data in Real Time API
11 Oca 2018 - Girişim
07 Oca 2018 - Girişim
Create and read tutorials for frontend design & development to help improve your website
Task Fighter: The Beat`em up Calendar-Todo list
06 Oca 2018 - Girişim
Visualizing the 57 Startups That Became Unicorns in 2017
04 Oca 2018 - Girişim
Total new unicorns in 2017 is down from its peak - but this year brings several interesting new entrants, like China's Toutiao, valued at a massive $20B.
Startup Idea Matrix - Google Sheets
01 Oca 2018 - Girişim
Startup Idea Matrix Bring an offline behavior online, Aggregate the long tail and drive discovery, Make it a subscription, Bring rentals to market at lower cost, Make a paid product free or very cheap, Create a marketplace, Build a discovery driven experience( push model), Build a vertical bran...
Making a Side Project – Make Side Project – Medium
01 Oca 2018 - Girişim
Yesterday I tweeted that I’d be making one more “big” app before the end of the year. I asked if people preferred if I document the process as I go, or do a recap post at the end of the project. I’ll…
The Idea Generator, a tool for Corporate Ideation - by Board of Innovation
31 Ara 2017 - Girişim
Level up the quantity and quality of your business ideas: the Idea Generator helps you come up with more and more valuable industry-specific business ideas.
Startup School
31 Ara 2017 - Girişim
Home | Startup Graveyard
31 Ara 2017 - Girişim