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Scarcity in UX: The Psychological Bias That Became the Norm
17 Şub 2018 - Tasarım
Short analysis on one of the most popular psychological biases used to increase desirability.
Why startups are dying left and right – The Startup – Medium
17 Şub 2018 - Girişim
That’s how long it took before the creators of Angry Birds launched their successful game from the verge of bankruptcy in 2009. That’s how many tries it took Tim Ferriss to find someone willing to…
Magic Leap the NBA and Turner to Bring NBA Games to Fans Like Never Before | Magic Leap
17 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
Lawsuits in a young startup? - Indie Hackers Forum
15 Şub 2018 - Girişim
What are some common and avoidable lawsuits likely to befall a young startup?
iamcalm.online - Get Summary before you read it.
13 Şub 2018 - Ürün
Online content summarized. Text summary online. Scheduler, API, web scraper, email. Avoid Distraction. Enjoy new space in your life.
10 tips for making the Django Admin more secure | Opensource.com
13 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
Don't take chances with app security. Here's how to protect your users.
Let's talk about usernames
11 Şub 2018 - Web
Static CMS for Hugo & Jekyll | Forestry.io
11 Şub 2018 - Ürün
A content management system for static sites built with Hugo and Jekyll. Get the speed, security, and reliability of static and the power of a Headless CMS. /
Pretty Awesome Lists
11 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
Pretty Awesome Lists crawls available awesome lists (e.g. programming, work, games, etc.), collects interesting information about each link, takes a screenshot and then makes them pretty for you to explore.
Upwork Skills Index: Fastest-Growing Freelance Skills In Q4 2017
10 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
Bitcoin secures No. 1 spot on newest skills index as cryptocurrency craze continues More than half (55%) of the top 20 fastest-growing skills are new to the list MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – February 7, 2018 – Upwork, the largest global freelancing website, today released its newest quarterly index of the hottest skills in the U.S. …
7 on-the-rise technology trends to track and learn - O'Reilly Media
10 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
AI, Python, Java, blockchain, and cloud technologies are active topics on O’Reilly’s online learning platform.
Online retail and dark UX patterns: One year on... - News - Sigma
07 Şub 2018 - Web
We revisit our research into dark UX patterns and consider the debate between business and user goals one year on.
Hreftools.com - Online Web Tools
07 Şub 2018 - Web
Online web tools to get your work done faster. It featured tools for SEO, web developer tools, email marketing and much more.
Why Your App Looks Better in Sketch – Nathan Gitter – Medium
07 Şub 2018 - Tasarım
Typography, shadows, and gradients can look surprisingly different between Sketch and iOS, even if the constants are identical. Let’s learn more and find ways to fix these issues in our apps.
Lightning Fast Filtering in JavaScript | Chris Smith
07 Şub 2018 - Web
I thought I'd share a technique for filtering large sets of data quickly in a web page. The scenario is a biggish set of data, 100,000 records, with each record having 3 properties, and we want to filter them using text matching. Here is the finished article with dummy generated data. Give it a try. Just type any 3 or
StartupSift 🚀
06 Şub 2018 - Girişim
We combine startup funding, employee, location data without some unicorn dust to create growth scores and rank companies as ideal places for you to work.
Classification of Development Frameworks for Enterprise Applications | CUBA.platform
05 Şub 2018 - Web
If you google "best java framework", most probably, you will stumble on this article, which gives a great overview about the landscape in the Java Enterprise world. However, from my point of view it l
İsveç’ten çok sayıda başarılı girişim çıkmasının sırrı ne? - Dünya Halleri
05 Şub 2018 - Girişim
World Economic Forum yazarlarından John McKenna, İsveç'ten çok sayıda başarılı girişim çıkmasının sebeplerini sıraladı.
Addicted to your Smartphone? This Formula is Why | WIRED
04 Şub 2018 - Teknoloji
Ten years ago, a Stanford lab created the formula to make technology addictive. Now, Silicon Valley is dealing with the consequences.
Better Code Hub
01 Şub 2018 - Web